Tourism development revisited : concepts, issues and paradigms

  title={Tourism development revisited : concepts, issues and paradigms},
  author={S. Babu and S. Mishra and Bivraj Bhusan Parida},
Tourism Development Revisited: An Introduction - Sutheeshna Babu S, Sitikantha Mishra and Bivraj Bhusan Parida I: TOURISM DEVELOPMENT CONCEPTS, ISSUES AND PROCESS Tourism as Discipline and Industry: Some Comments on the Progressing - Debates Sutheeshna Babu S Modern Tourism and Its Development in a Post-Modern Age - Richard Butler Some Reflections on Tourism and Post-Colonialism - Peter M Burns Trends in Tourism: Spectres of New Displacements - Nina Rao Tourism and the Informal Sector: Notes on… 

Critical Omissions and New Directions for Sustainable Tourism: A Situated Macro–Micro Approach

This paper traces the history and evolution of sustainable tourism and identifies some critical issues and omissions in this and related approaches such as responsible tourism, ecotourism and

Measuring the Guest-Host Interaction: An Empirical Analysis for Sustainable Tourism Development in Sikkim

The conventional concept of destination development undermined the sustainable issues and its orientation. Later on, the confusion was not the adoption of sustainable development philosophy but its

Tourism in Regional Development: Empirical Evidence

Due to the fact that tourism has strong influences on regional development, many undeveloped and developing countries have detected it as a chance for economic prosperity. This paper argues the


Tourism is one of the greatest sources of economic growth and is detected by many undeveloped and developing countries as the only way-out for economic prosperity. This study argues the inevitable

The Sage Handbook of Tourism Studies and the construction of a unified field of tourism research

Th e academic study of tourism has long suff ered from deep inter and intra-disciplinary divides, which has often impeded its development, despite certain eff orts by a few interdisciplinary

Rethinking development: Religious tourism to St. Padre Pio as material and cultural revitalization in Pietrelcina

Th is article re-conceptualizes processes whereby religious tourism is adopted to generate socio-cultural "betterment" in small-scale societies by presenting an in-depth case study of the Southern

Planning tourism development in regional frames

Tourism has emerged as important factor for regional development by influencing major economic and social impacts at regional and local levels, particularly in the areas where tourism activities take


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Unit Kokkola-Pietarsaari Date September 2015 Author Md.Tanbir Ahammed Degree programme Degree Programme in Tourism Name of thesis DEVELOPING ADVENTURE TOURISM IN BANGLADESH Case Study: Cox`s Bazar

IT and tourism business: Do Serbian companies in tourism follow contemporary trends?

: Information technologies are important both for the strategic and operational activities in the tourism and hotel industry. They simultaneously represent opportunities, but also challenges,

Empirical evidence of tourism planning in hilly-mountain areas

The paper notifies the importance of planning process in tourism development in order to ensure maximizing the benefits for all policy stakeholders, while minimizing negative effects. Due to