Tourism based Black Economic Empowerment [BEE]: Initiatives for local community development

  title={Tourism based Black Economic Empowerment [BEE]: Initiatives for local community development},
  author={Lindisizwe M. Magi},
  journal={Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences},
  • Lindisizwe M. Magi
  • Published 10 February 2011
  • Business
  • Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences
The South African government through a variety of tourism policies and strategies has tried to utilise the Black economic empowerment [BEE] initiative to improve economic benefits for the previously disadvantaged communities. This is to bear in mind that the BEE initiative has been criticised in that “transformation has come to represent a way of compensating previously disadvantaged people, rather than creating opportunities for all citizens to contribute their talents and energies to the… 

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