Tourism as an incentive for rewilding: the conversion from cattle to game farms in Limpopo province, South Africa

  title={Tourism as an incentive for rewilding: the conversion from cattle to game farms in Limpopo province, South Africa},
  author={Gijsbert Hoogendoorn and Daniel Meintjes and Clare J. Kelso and Jennifer M. Fitchett},
  journal={Journal of Ecotourism},
  pages={309 - 315}
ABSTRACT Wildlife has represented the key tourist attractions in South Africa. Boasting the big five, pristine national parks and three of the world’s ecological hotspots, tourism is a growing sector in South Africa. In addition to wildlife viewing, South Africa also attracts wildlife hunters to a network of private game farms, and in some cases, these bring in higher gross income than nature reserves. In the South African context, private game farms draw local and international tourists often… 

Drought challenges for nature tourism in the Sabi Sands Game Reserve in the eastern region of South Africa

The Lowveld of South Africa, a savanna biome region economically dominated by nature tourism, has experienced a prolonged dry period beginning in approximately 2015. Despite emerging literature on

Tourism and rewilding: an introduction – definition, issues and review

  • C. Hall
  • Environmental Science
    Journal of Ecotourism
  • 2019
ABSTRACT Rewilding is an increasingly significant normative concept in biological conservation, environmental planning and urban greenspace studies. Originally developed in relation to ecological

Disenchanted Natures: A Critical Analysis of the Contested Plan to Reintroduce the Eurasian Lynx into the Lake District National Park

  • A. Neilson
  • Sociology
    Capitalism Nature Socialism
  • 2019
ABSTRACT There is a need to analyse the environmental conflicts that arise out of species reintroduction proposals and what these conflicts can tell us not just about rewilding as a form of

State o Phytocenosis in Beremytske Nature Park

  • Environmental Science
    Visnyk of V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University series "Ecology"
  • 2020
Purpose. Botanical analysis of existing vegetation in the territory of the “Beremitske” Nature Park for further zoning and selection of individual territories where reproduction of the original state


Hrabar Maryna Uzhhorod National University Sidenko Nikol Uzhhorod National University Стаття узагальнює аргументи та контраргументи в межах наукової дискусії щодо базових концептів ревайлдінгу.



Exploring the Role of Private Wildlife Ranching as a Conservation Tool in South Africa: Stakeholder Perspectives

Rich in biological diversity, South Africa's natural habitats are internationally recognized as a conservation priority. Biodiversity loss continues, however, and limited scope to enlarge the state-

Determining the economic value of game farm tourism

It is argued that game farm tourism makes a significant economic contribution to the economy of South Africa, apart from the substantial economic contribution game farm Tourism already makes to conservation.

Wildlife or livestock? New directions for developing communal rangelands in South Africa

The paper argues that the historical shift to wildlife land use previously observed on private farms in South Africa is now inevitable on communal rangelands and will require explicit consideration in the policy on communalRangelands.

“Wilding the farm or farming the wild”? The evolution of scientific game ranching in South Africa from the 1960s to the present

This article analyses in some detail the scientific developments relating to extensive game ranching for meat production in South Africa from the 1960s onwards. Initially it recalls how game was

Conservation Geographies in Sub‐Saharan Africa: The Politics of National Parks, Community Conservation and Peace Parks

Sub-Saharan Africa has been the location of intense conservation planning since the colonial era. Under the auspices of wilderness protection, colonial authorities established national parks largely

Understanding Tourists’ Preference for Mammal Species in Private Protected Areas: Is There a Case for Extralimital Species for Ecotourism?

It is suggested that certain extralimital species (typically larger and charismatic species) contribute to tourist satisfaction, while particularly the smaller extralIMital species add little to the game viewing experience, but add to the costs and risks of the PPAs.

Tourism, second homes, and an emerging South African postproductivist countryside.

Issues concerning postproductivism have seen limited direct systematic research attention within South African tourism studies. However, it has recently been proposed that postproductivism as part of

The Challenge of Regulating Private Wildlife Ranches for Conservation in South Africa

We address the new attempts at regulating wildlife ranches on private land in South Africa. Although positive conservation impacts can be attributed to private wildlife ranching, there are a number

A decade of second home tourism research in South Africa: research prospects for the developing world?

It has been 10 years since second home tourism emerged as a topic of investigation in South Africa. A number of book chapters, articles, masters and PhD theses have appeared, focusing on the

Rewilding Abandoned Landscapes in Europe

For millennia, mankind has shaped landscapes, particularly through agriculture. In Europe, the age-old interaction between humans and ecosystems strongly influenced the cultural heritage. Yet