Toughness of Spider Silk at High and Low Temperatures

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Preferential nanoreinforcement of thermoplastic polyurethane elastomers with dispersed nano-clay

It is difficult for scientists to engineer elastomeric materials that are both strong and tough like spider dragline silk. Inspired by the morphology of spider dragline silk and motivated to develop

Spider silk: A natural marvel of mechanical and structural strength

The spider silk fibers have unique high performance properties that make it a desirable model for artificial fibers and its performance under benign conditions has important implications for

Tuning the Mechanical Properties of Silkworm Silk Fibres by Thermally Induced Modification of Crystalline Nanostructure

Antheraea pernyi and Bombyx mori silk fibres, the most important and the subjects of several studies, have attracted widespread attention due to their exceptional mechanical properties and promising

Silkworm and spider silk electrospinning: a review

A review of silk production by the spinning apparatus of the silkworm Bombyx mori and the spiders Aranea diadematus and Nephila Clavipes is presented, and silk’s mechanical properties in mats obtained from pure polymer dope and multi-composites are discussed.

Hydrothermal Effect on Mechanical Properties of Nephila pilipes Spidroin

This study provides a facile and effective post-spinning means for enhancing the molecular structures and mechanical properties of as-spun silk threads, both natural and regenerated.



Structural changes of silk fibers induced by heat treatment

The structural changes of silk fibers induced by heat treatment were investigated by thermomechanical analysis, dynamic mechanical measurements, X-ray diffraction analysis, and refractive indices

Structure and molecular conformation of tussah silk fibroin films treated with water-methanol solutions : Dynamic mechanical and thermomechanical behavior

The thermal response of tussah (Antheraea pernyi) silk fibroin films treated with different water–methanol solutions at 20°C was studied by means of dynamic mechanical (DMA) and thermomechanical

Fabrication of Magnetic Spider Silk and Other Silk‐Fiber Composites Using Inorganic Nanoparticles

C NMR study of the organic superconductor k-(ET)2Cu[N(CS)2]Br via MAS and cross-polarization techniques with C-enriched ET molecules. The Knight shift tensor of the central carbon atoms has been

Silkworm silk as an engineering material

While silk exhibits high values of tensile strength and stiffness, these properties are compromised by their poor reproducibility. We present the results of experiments aimed at characterizing the

Anelastic and Dielectric Effects in Polymeric Solids

Dynamic Mechanical Analysis-Kevin P. Menard 2002-01-01 Although dynamical mechanical analysis or spectroscopy has left the domain of the rheologist and has become a prevalent tool in the analytical

Mechanical properties of dragline and capture thread for the spider Nephila clavata

Mechanical properties of the dragline and the capture thread for the spider Nephila clavata, called Jorougumo in Japan, were investigated and the effect of ultraviolet rays and acid rain on their