TouchInteract: An Interaction Technique with Large Displays Using Touchscreen-Phone

  title={TouchInteract: An Interaction Technique with Large Displays Using Touchscreen-Phone},
  author={Hanqing Ruan and Yi Qian and Yong Zhang and Min Zhou},
  journal={2010 7th International Conference on Ubiquitous Intelligence & Computing and 7th International Conference on Autonomic & Trusted Computing},
At present, more and more large-scale displays appear in public and semi-public places, but very few of them have interaction capabilities. We present Touch Interact: a novel interaction technique with large displays using touch screen-phone. Touch Interact allows users to remotely control the large displays using their touch screen mobile phone. Users can sliding or tapping on the mobile phone’s touch screen, or pressing the phone’s keyboard, these operations are converted to standard input… CONTINUE READING
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