Touch Processing and Social Behavior in ASD.

  title={Touch Processing and Social Behavior in ASD.},
  author={Helga O Miguel and A I da F Sampaio and Roc{\'i}o Mart{\'i}nez-Regueiro and Lorena G{\'o}mez-Guerrero and Cristina Guti{\'e}rrez L{\'o}pez-D{\'o}riga and Sonia Quiroga G{\'o}mez and {\'A}ngel Carracedo and Montse Fern{\'a}ndez-Prieto},
  journal={Journal of autism and developmental disorders},
  volume={47 8},
Abnormal patterns of touch processing have been linked to core symptoms in ASD. This study examined the relation between tactile processing patterns and social problems in 44 children and adolescents with ASD, aged 6-14 (M = 8.39 ± 2.35). Multiple linear regression indicated significant associations between touch processing and social problems. No such… CONTINUE READING