Total variation restoration of speckled images using a split-bregman algorithm

  title={Total variation restoration of speckled images using a split-bregman algorithm},
  author={Josx00E9 M. Bioucas-Dias and M{\'a}rio A. T. Figueiredo},
  journal={2009 16th IEEE International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP)},
Multiplicative noise models occur in the study of several coherent imaging systems, such as synthetic aperture radar and sonar, and ultrasound and laser imaging. This type of noise is also commonly referred to as speckle. Multiplicative noise introduces two additional layers of difficulties with respect to the popular Gaussian additive noise model: (1) the noise is multiplied by (rather than added to) the original image, and (2) the noise is not Gaussian, with Rayleigh and Gamma being commonly… CONTINUE READING
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