Total synthesis of dermostatin A.


The concise total synthesis of dermostatin A is described. Highlights include a two-directional application of the asymmetric acetate aldol method developed in our lab, a novel diastereotopic-group-selective acetal isomerization for terminus differentiation, and a selective cross-metathesis reaction between a terminal olefin and a trienal. A study of the scope and viability of similar cross-metathesis reactions is also described. The synthesis is convergent and utilizes fragments of roughly equal complexity.

DOI: 10.1021/jo2012658

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@article{Zhang2011TotalSO, title={Total synthesis of dermostatin A.}, author={Yingchao Zhang and Carolynn C. Arpin and Aaron J Cullen and Mark J Mitton-Fry and Tarek Sammakia}, journal={The Journal of organic chemistry}, year={2011}, volume={76 19}, pages={7641-53} }