Total synthesis and structure revision of stachybotrys spirolactams.

  title={Total synthesis and structure revision of stachybotrys spirolactams.},
  author={Wei-Ping Deng and Ming Zhong and Xiao-Chuan Guo and Andrew S. Kende},
  journal={The Journal of organic chemistry},
  volume={68 19},
The spirolactam structure 1 reported in 1996 by Roggo et al. has been enantioselectively synthesized in 20 steps from (+)-Wieland-Miescher ketone. Spectra of this synthetic lactam differed from those of the natural spirolactam from the Roggo group, leading to the hypothesis that the natural lactam may be the regioisomer 27, a structure previously ascribed by Jarvis et al. to the natural product stachybotrylactam. This hypothesis was confirmed by the first total synthesis of… CONTINUE READING

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