Total positivity of copulas from a Markov kernel perspective

  title={Total positivity of copulas from a Markov kernel perspective},
  author={Sebastian Fuchs and Marco Tschimpke},
  journal={Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications},
  • S. FuchsM. Tschimpke
  • Published 4 May 2022
  • Computer Science
  • Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications
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Quantifying directed dependence via dimension reduction

The dependence structure underlying this dimension reduction principle is identified, a strongly consistent estimator for it is provided, and its broad applicability is demonstrated.



On weak conditional convergence of bivariate Archimedean and Extreme Value copulas, and consequences to nonparametric estimation

It can be shown that every copula $C$ is the weak conditional limit of a sequence of checkerboard copulas and standard pointwise convergence and weak conditional convergence can even be proved to be equivalent.


Consider a continuous random pair (X, Y ) whose dependence is characterized by an extreme-value copula with Pickands dependence function A. When the marginal distributions of X and Y are known,

Some Concepts of Dependence

Problems involving dependent pairs of variables (X, Y) have been studied most intensively in the case of bivariate normal distributions and of 2 × 2 tables. This is due primarily to the importance of

Archimedean Copulas Derived from Morgenstern Utility Functions

The (additive) generator of an Archimedean copula - as well as the inverse of the generator - is a strictly decreasing and convex function, while Morgenstern utility functions are nondecreasing and concave, which provides a basis for deriving either a generator of Archimingean copulas, or its inverse, from a MorgenStern utility function.

A Copula‐Based Non‐parametric Measure of Regression Dependence

A new non‐parametric measure of regression dependence is defined that takes on its extreme values precisely at independence and almost sure functional dependence, respectively in the new RDOs.

Dependence for Archimedean copulas and aging properties of their generating functions

This paper details the correspondence between various dependence concepts and stochastic orderings for an Archimedean copula C Φ (x,y) = Φ - 1 {Φ(x) + Φ(y)} and the aging properties of the