Total mesorectal excision: the unrecognized pelvic plane.


Total mesorectal excision for low rectal cancers has been shown to reduce local recurrence rate after curative operation to <5 percent. The lack of anatomic appreciation of the mesorectum is an important cause of inter-surgeon variability in the outcome of rectal cancer surgery. Surgical illustrations depicting the mesorectal anatomy, however, are less than… (More)


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@article{Koh2006TotalME, title={Total mesorectal excision: the unrecognized pelvic plane.}, author={P. L. Koh and Francis Seow-Choen and Boon-Han Kwek}, journal={Diseases of the colon and rectum}, year={2006}, volume={49 2}, pages={280-3; discussion 283-4} }