Total internal and external lengths of the Bolthausen-Sznitman coalescent

  title={Total internal and external lengths of the Bolthausen-Sznitman coalescent},
  author={G{\"o}tz Kersting and Juan Carlos Pardo and Arno Siri-J{\'e}gousse},
  journal={Journal of Applied Probability},
  pages={73 - 86}
In this paper we study a weak law of large numbers for the total internal length of the Bolthausen-Sznitman coalescent, thereby obtaining the weak limit law of the centered and rescaled total external length; this extends results obtained in Dhersin and Möhle (2013). An application to population genetics dealing with the total number of mutations in the genealogical tree is also given. 
Site Frequency Spectrum of the Bolthausen-Sznitman Coalescent
These results provide new L2-asymptotics for some values of b = o(n) and study the length of internal branches carrying b > n/2 individuals to obtain the distribution function and a convergence in law.
On the external branches of coalescents with multiple collisions
A recursion for the joint moments of the external branch lengths for coalescents with multiple collisions (Lambda-coalescents) is provided and results show that the lengths of two randomly chosen external branches are positively correlated for the Bolthausen-Sznitman coalescent.
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Recursions for the expected value, variance, and covariance of the spectrum are derived, extending earlier results of Fu (1995) for the classical Kingman coalescent, to apply a pseudolikelihood inference to estimate coalescence parameters associated with certain subclasses of Λ-coalescents.
Asympotic behavior of the total length of external branches for Beta-coalescents
It is proved that $n^{{\alpha}-2}L^{(n)_{ext}$ converges in $L^2$ to $\alpha(\alpha-1)\Gamma(\alpha)$ as a consequence of the asymptotic behavior of the total length of the associated $n$-coalescent.
Comportement en temps petits des Λ n-coalescents avec l'accent sur les longueurs des branches externes
Le Λ-coalescent est un processus stochastique utilise pour modeliser l'arbre genealogique d'une population composee d'une infinite d'individus, admettant des collisions multiples de lignages. Motivee


The Total External Branch Length of Beta-Coalescents†
It turns out that the fluctuations of the external branch length follow those of τn2−α over the entire parameter regime, where τn denotes the random number of coalescences that bring the n lineages down to one.
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It is proved that Beta-coalescents can be embedded in continuous stable random trees based on a construction of the Donnelly-Kurtz lookdown process using continuous random trees, which is of independent interest.
Effect of selection on ancestry: an exactly soluble case and its phenomenological generalization.
A family of models describing the evolution under selection of a population whose dynamics can be related to the propagation of noisy traveling waves, and one striking result is that, for this particular model, the genealogical trees have the same statistics as the trees of replicas in the Parisi mean-field theory of spin glasses.