Total blood mercury concentrations in the U.S. population: 1999-2006.

  title={Total blood mercury concentrations in the U.S. population: 1999-2006.},
  author={Kathleen L. Caldwell and Mary Ellen Mortensen and Robert H. Jones and Samuel P. Caudill and John D. Osterloh},
  journal={International journal of hygiene and environmental health},
  volume={212 6},
We describe the distribution and demographic characteristics of total blood Hg levels in the U.S. general population among persons ages 1 year and older who participated in the 2003-2006 National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES). We also describe trends in the total blood Hg of children ages 1-5 (n=3456) and females ages 16-49 during 1999-2006 (n=7245). In the combined 2003-2006 survey periods, the geometric means for non-Hispanic blacks, 0.853microg/L (95% confidence interval… CONTINUE READING
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