Total and inorganic arsenic in Antarctic macroalgae.

  title={Total and inorganic arsenic in Antarctic macroalgae.},
  author={Silvia Sara Far{\'i}as and Patricia Smichowski and Dinoraz V{\'e}lez and Rosa Montoro and Antonio Curtosi and Cristian L Vodopivez},
  volume={69 7},
The Antarctic region offers unparalleled possibilities of investigating the natural distribution of metals and metalloids, such as arsenic. Total and inorganic As were analysed in nine species of Antarctic macroalgae collected during the 2002 summer season in the Potter Cove area at Jubany-Dallmann Station (South Shetland Islands, Argentinian Base). Total As was determined by inductively coupled plasma-optical emission spectrometry after microwave-assisted acid digestion. Inorganic As was… CONTINUE READING