Total Synthesis and Configurational Assignment of Ascospiroketal A.


The total synthesis of the marine fungus-derived natural product ascospiroketal is described. This concise synthesis relies on a unique Ag(I) -promoted tandem cascade cyclization that provides direct access to the correctly configured tricyclic core of the natural product from a linear precursor. The synthesis of candidate stereostructures of ascospiroketal A allowed for the confident assignment of both the relative and absolute stereochemistry of this unusual octaketide.

DOI: 10.1002/chem.201502754

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@article{Chang2015TotalSA, title={Total Synthesis and Configurational Assignment of Ascospiroketal A.}, author={Stanley Y. Chang and Soo Kyun Hur and Robert Britton}, journal={Chemistry}, year={2015}, volume={21 46}, pages={16646-53} }