Total Syntheses of Linear Polythiazole/Oxazole Plantazolicin A and Its Biosynthetic Precursor Plantazolicin B**

  title={Total Syntheses of Linear Polythiazole/Oxazole Plantazolicin A and Its Biosynthetic Precursor Plantazolicin B**},
  author={Zoe E Wilson and Sabine Fenner and Steven V. Ley},
  journal={Angewandte Chemie (International Ed. in English)},
  pages={1284 - 1288}
Plantazolicin A, a linear decacyclic natural product, exhibits desirable selective activity against the causative agent of anthrax toxicity. The total synthesis of plantazolicin A and its biosynthetic precursor plantazolicin B was successfully achieved by an efficient, unified, and highly convergent route featuring dicyclizations to form 2,4-concatenated oxazoles and the mild synthesis of thiazoles from natural amino acids. This report represents the first synthesis of plantazolicin B and… Expand
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The Total Synthesis of the Bioactive Natural Product Plantazolicin A and Its Biosynthetic Precursor Plantazolicin B.
Detailed investigations are described into the synthesis of the peptide-derived natural product plantazolicin’A, a compound that demonstrates promising selective activity against the causative agent of anthrax toxicity, and its biosynthetic precursor plantazolicsin B, including a robust, high yielding procedure that avoids the use of sulfurating agents. Expand
Total Synthesis of the Posttranslationally Modified Polyazole Peptide Antibiotic Plantazolicin A.
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The reactivity of α-azidochalcones has been explored for the preparation of highly substituted oxazoles via a 2H-azirine intermediate and 2-aminothiazoles are the products when ferric nitrate is employed instead of persulfate in the above reaction. Expand


Total synthesis of the ribosomally synthesized linear azole-containing peptide plantazolicin A from Bacillus amyloliquefaciens.
Total Synthesis of the Ribosomally Synthesized Linear Azole-Containing Peptide Plantazolicin A from Bacillus amyloliquefaciens A cyclodehydration reaction has been used to synthesize the linearExpand
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Synthesis of Natural Product Derivatives Containing 2,4-Concatenated Oxazoles
Herein is described the synthesis of several oxazole-containing derivatives of IB-01211. The macrocyclization reaction of peptide 14 containing a concatenated triazole was successful and afforded 3Expand
Plantazolicin A and B: structure elucidation of ribosomally synthesized thiazole/oxazole peptides from Bacillus amyloliquefaciens FZB42.
The structures of the ribosomally synthesized peptide antibiotics from Bacillus amyloliquefaciens FZB42, plantazolicin A and B are elucidated, unveiling a hitherto unusual number of thiazoles and oxazoles formed from a linear 14mer precursor peptide. Expand
Synthesis of plantazolicin analogues enables dissection of ligand binding interactions of a highly selective methyltransferase.
It is demonstrated that the presence of a single N-terminal azole permits efficient processing by BamL; however, the substrate binding becomes stronger with increased polyazole chain length. Expand
Synthetic studies towards cyclic peptides. Concise synthesis of thiazoline and thiazole containing amino acids
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Selective synthesis of 2-substituted 4-carboxy oxazoles, thiazoles and thiazolidines from serine or cysteine amino acids
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Total synthesis of thiostrepton. Retrosynthetic analysis and construction of key building blocks.
It is shown that retrosynthetic analysis of thiostrepton reveals compounds 23, 24, 26, 28, and 29 as potential key building blocks for the projected total synthesis, and a method was developed for the direct coupling of the labile dehydropiperidine key building block 28 to the more advanced and stable peptide intermediate 27 through capture with the highly reactive alanine equivalent 67. Expand
Structure determination and interception of biosynthetic intermediates for the plantazolicin class of highly discriminating antibiotics.
The molecular structure of plantazolicin (PZN), a new FZB42 metabolite described as a member of the growing thiazole/oxazole-modified microcin (TOMM) family, is determined using high-resolution mass spectrometry, chemoselective modification, genetic interruptions, and other spectroscopic tools. Expand