Total-Ionizing-Dose Induced Coupling Effect in the 130-nm PDSOI I/O nMOSFETs

  title={Total-Ionizing-Dose Induced Coupling Effect in the 130-nm PDSOI I/O nMOSFETs},
  author={Chao Peng and Zhiyuan Hu and Bingxu Ning and Huixiang Huang and Zhengxuan Zhang and Dawei Bi and Y. F. En and Shichang Zou},
  journal={IEEE Electron Device Letters},
The tolerance of partially depleted (PD) silicon-on-insulator nMOSFETs to total-ionizing-dose-induced trapped charge in the buried oxide is investigated. The radiation-induced coupling effect due to the metamorphosis of PD device into a fully depleted one is observed. The coupling effect is responsible for the negative threshold voltage shift, enhanced drain-induced barrier lowering effect, subthreshold slope increase, and transconductance variation in the front channel device. The back channel… CONTINUE READING