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Torus equivariant algebraic models and compact realization

  title={Torus equivariant algebraic models and compact realization},
  author={Leopold Zoller},
Let T be a compact torus. We prove that, up to equivariant rational equivalence, the category of T -simply connected, T -finite type T -spaces with finitely many isotropy types is completely described by certain finite systems of commutative differential graded algebras with consistent choices of degree 2 cohomology classes. We show that the algebraic systems corresponding to finite T -CW-complexes are exactly those which satisfy the necessary condition imposed by the Borel localization theorem… 



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In the equivariant category of spaces with an action of a finite group, algebraic 'minimal models' exist which describe the rational homotopy for G-spaces which are 1-connected and of finite type.

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(1.1) This paper concerns three aspects of the action of a compact group K on a space X . The ®rst is concrete and the others are rather abstract. (1) Equivariantly formal spaces. These have the

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An action of a compact Lie group is called equivariantly formal, if the Leray--Serre spectral sequence of its Borel fibration degenerates at the E_2-term. This term is as prominent as it is

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Abstract. We describe some algebraic models for equivariant rational and p-adic homotopy theory over Abelian compact Lie groups.

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The one-skeleton of a G-manifold M is the set of points p in M where $\dim G_p \geq \dim G -1$; and M is a GKM manifold if the dimension of this one-skeleton is 2. Goresky, Kottwitz and MacPherson

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1. Lie Groups and Homogeneous Spaces 2. Minimal Models 3. Manifolds 4. Complex and Symplectic Manifolds 5. Geodesics 6. Curvature 7. G-Spaces 8. Blow-ups and Intersection Products 9. A Florilege of