Torture and Ill-Treatment Under Perceived: Human Rights Documentation and the Poor

  title={Torture and Ill-Treatment Under Perceived: Human Rights Documentation and the Poor},
  author={Steffen Tobias Morten Koch Catrine Jeevan Raj Jensena and Steffen Tobias Morten Koch Catrine Jeevan Raj Kelly and Steffen Andersen and Steffen Tobias Morten Koch Catrine Jeevan Raj Christiansen and Steffen Tobias Morten Koch Catrine Jeevan Raj Sharma},
  journal={Human Rights Quarterly},
  pages={393 - 415}
ABSTRACT:This article addresses the question of how human rights practitioners know about harm. In particular, what forms of torture and ill-treatment are made legible through human rights documentation? We argue human rights documentation techniques can systematically under perceive the extent of torture and ill-treatment among people living in poverty. The article is based on research in Kenya, Bangladesh, and Nepal, and sets out five key predispositions in documentation techniques that… Expand
  • Lutz Oette
  • International and Comparative Law Quarterly
  • 2021
Abstract Torture of persons living in poverty has traditionally been at the margins of human rights interventions that have primarily focused on political and conflict related torture. This articleExpand
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From sexualized torture and gender-based torture to genderized torture: The urgent need for a conceptual evolution.
  • P. Pérez-Sales, M. Zraly
  • Medicine, Sociology
  • Torture : quarterly journal on rehabilitation of torture victims and prevention of torture
  • 2018
This issue features a collection of texts that highlight important aspects of sexualized and gender- based torture and provide reflections that contribute to framing the theoretical debate on the nature and scope of gender-based and genderized forms of torture. Expand
Social Work Models in Addressing State and Authority-Based Violence in Denmark and the Philippines: A praxis paper prepared in collaboration between Balay & Dignity for the Global Alliance
Citation for published version (APA): Ligon, C., Dura, I., Yurtaslan, A. S., Gregersen, J., Warburg, A., Christensen, M. M., & Jensen, S. (2017). Social Work Models in Addressing State andExpand
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