Tortuosity of unsaturated porous fractal materials.


The tortuosity of a capillary-condensed film of inviscid fluid adsorbed onto fractal substrates as a function of the filling fraction of the fluid has been calculated numerically. This acts as a way of probing the multiscale structure of the objects. It is found that the variation of tortuosity alpha with filling fraction varphi is found to follow a power law of the form alpha approximately varphi- for both deterministic and stochastic fractals. These numerically calculated exponents are compared to exponents obtained from a phenomenological scaling and good agreement is found, particularly for the stochastic fractals.

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@article{Coleman2008TortuosityOU, title={Tortuosity of unsaturated porous fractal materials.}, author={Sam Coleman and John Christos Vassilicos}, journal={Physical review. E, Statistical, nonlinear, and soft matter physics}, year={2008}, volume={78 1 Pt 2}, pages={016308} }