Tortricidae (Lepidoptera) from Gabon

  title={Tortricidae (Lepidoptera) from Gabon},
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Species of Tortricidae (Lepidoptera) collected on a research expedition to the Gabonese equatorial forest are discussed and described. Forty-eight species belonging to twenty-nine genera were identified, including two new genera, Bonagmene gen. n. and Gaboncydia gen. n., and thirty-one new species: Acroclita celaeno sp. n., Bactra alcyone sp. n., Bonagmene eburnea sp. n., Camptrodoxa pusilla sp. n., Camptrodoxa splendens sp. n., Coniostola cinereocostalis sp. n., Cosmetra maia sp. n., Cydia… Expand


African Tortricidae (Lepidoptera) chiefly from the collection of Graziano BASSI
Seventy-six species and 53 genera of Afrotropical Tortricidae are treated. Three genera (Phalarotortrix gen. n., Darmana gen. n., Malolotia gen. n.) and 39 species (Eugnosta umtamvuna sp.n.,Expand
Tortricidae (Lepidoptera) from the Tervuren Museum, 3: Hypsidracon MEYRICK and Gnathodracon gen. n.
Two genera and seven species of Afrotropical Tortricidae are discussed and prophaecasia strigulana KARISCH is transferred to Gnathodracon, comb. Expand
New Tortricidae (Lepidoptera) from East Africa with an account of the tortricid fauna of acacia in the Kenyan Rift Valley.
Species of Tortricidae whose larvae feed on acacia are listed, including five new species; and Age onychistica Diakonoff is recorded from Africa for the first time. Expand
Tortricidae (Lepidoptera) of the Afrotropical Fauna: Accession 1
18 species of Tortricidae are discussed; 6 species are described as new: Choristoneura saotome sp. Expand
Descriptions of new Tortricidae (Lepidoptera) reared from native fruit in Kenya
One new genus, Concinocordis (Enarmoniini), and 13 new species, Phtheochroa aarviki (Cochylini), Endothenia ator (Bactrini), Concinocordis wilsonarum, Anthozela psychotriae (both Enarmoniini),Expand
Redefinition and revision of African Cosmetra Diakonoff, 1977 (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) with description of six new species.
The eight species of Cosmetra Diakonoff present in mainland Africa are described and illustrated. Six new species are described: Cosmetra larseni, new species; C. fibigeri, new species; C. truncana,Expand
Revision of the subtribe Neopotamiae (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) in Africa
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Tortricidae of Europe
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