Torsion of the tendon of tibialis posterior.

  title={Torsion of the tendon of tibialis posterior.},
  author={Thomas S. Roukis and J S Hurless and Jeffrey C Page},
  journal={Journal of the American Podiatric Medical Association},
  volume={85 9},
The authors present a previously undescribed torsion located within the tendon of tibialis posterior. The musculotendinous unit of tibialis posterior was isolated from 17 lower extremities of cadavers. A small goniometer was constructed and used to quantify the degree of torsion located within each tibialis posterior tendon. Torsion was present in all 17 cadaver specimens, with a mean of 47.5 degrees and a range from 21 degrees to 62 degrees. The regional anatomy and biomechanical functions of… CONTINUE READING