Torsion of the abomasum in a one month old calf.

  title={Torsion of the abomasum in a one month old calf.},
  author={L S Frazee},
  journal={The Canadian veterinary journal = La revue veterinaire canadienne},
  volume={25 7},
  • L S Frazee
  • Published in
    The Canadian veterinary journal = La revue…
The clinical and clinicopathological findings of a one month old Holstein heifer calf presented with severe abdominal distention are reported. Preoperative evaluation and therapy were initiated and followed by an exploratory laparotomy (paracostal right flank) which revealed a 360 degrees counterclockwise torsion (viewed from the rear) of the abomasum. Severe vascular compromise of the abomasum precluded salvage of the animal. Following euthanasia and postmortem evaluation, the calf was found… CONTINUE READING

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