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Torres Strait origin of some stone headed clubs from the Torassi or Bensbach River area, southwest Papua New Guinea

  title={Torres Strait origin of some stone headed clubs from the Torassi or Bensbach River area, southwest Papua New Guinea},
  author={G. Hitchcock},
  journal={Memoirs of the Queensland museum},
  • G. Hitchcock
  • Published 2004
  • Geography
  • Memoirs of the Queensland museum
Petrological examination of a collection of Torres Strait stone-headed clubs concluded that all were manufactured from local Tones Strait stone (McNiven, 1998). This finding overturned previous thought, based on early historical sources and diffusionist assumptions, which held that such clubs were of Papuan origin. This short note reports the results of a similar analysis of 3 stone club heads from the Torassi or Bensbach River area, in the extreme SW corner of Papua New Guinea adjacent to… Expand

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