Torque generation by the Fo motor of the sodium ATPase.

  title={Torque generation by the Fo motor of the sodium ATPase.},
  author={Jianhua Xing and Hongyun Wang and Christoph von Ballmoos and Peter Dimroth and George F. Oster},
  journal={Biophysical journal},
  volume={87 4},
Based on recent structural and functional findings, we have constructed a mathematical model for the sodium-driven Fo motor of the F1Fo-ATPase from the anaerobic bacterium Propionigenium modestum. The model reveals the mechanochemical principles underlying the Fo motor's operation, and explains all of the existing experimental data on wild-type and mutant Fo motors. In particular, the model predicts a nonmonotonic dependence of the ATP hydrolysis activity on the sodium concentration, a… CONTINUE READING