Toroidal plasma rotation induced by the dynamic ergodic divertor in the TEXTOR tokamak.

  title={Toroidal plasma rotation induced by the dynamic ergodic divertor in the TEXTOR tokamak.},
  author={K. H. Finken and Sherzod S. Abdullaev and M F M de Bock and M G von Hellermann and M. Jakubowski and R. Jaspers and Hans Rudolf Koslowski and Andreas Kr{\"a}mer-Flecken and Michael Lehnen and Yanjun Liang and Andreas Nicolai and Rachel Cane Wolf and Ottmar Zimmermann and Michel de Baar and G. Bertschinger and William Scott Biel and Sebastijan Brezinsek and Ch. Busch and Al. Donn{\'e} and H. Gunter Esser and E. Farshi and Hans Gerhauser and Bianca Giesen and D. Harting and J. A. Hoekzema and G. M. D. Hogeweij and Paul W. H{\"u}ttemann and Stefan Jachmich and Katarzyna Jakubowska and Denis Kalupin and Frank A. Kelly and Yuma Kikuchi and Andreas Kirschner and Robert Koch and Malte Korten and A. Kreter and Janusz Krom and Uron Kruezi and Anastasiadis Lazaros and Andrey Litnovsky and Xavier Loozen and N. J. Lopes Cardozo and A. Lyssoivan and Oleksandr Marchuk and Gaku Matsunaga and Ph Mertens and Andr{\'e} Messiaen and Otto Neubauer and Nobuo Noda and V. P. Philipps and Albrecht Pospieszczyk and Dirk Reiser and D. Reiter and Andr{\'e} L. Rogister and Makoto Sakamoto and Alexei Savtchkov and Ulrich Samm and Oswald Schmitz and Renata Palmerim Schorn and B Schweer and F. C. Schueller and Gennadij Sergienko and Karl Heinz Spatschek and Giuseppe Telesca and Monika Tok{\'a}r and Ralf Uhlemann and Bernhard Unterberg and Guido Van Oost and T Van Rompuy and G Van Wassenhove and Egbert Westerhof and Roger Weynants and Sven Wiesen and Yun He Xu},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={94 1},
The first results of the Dynamic Ergodic Divertor in TEXTOR, when operating in the m/n=3/1 mode configuration, are presented. The deeply penetrating external magnetic field perturbation of this configuration increases the toroidal plasma rotation. Staying below the excitation threshold for the m/n=2/1 tearing mode, this toroidal rotation is always in the direction of the plasma current, even if the toroidal projection of the rotating magnetic field perturbation is in the opposite direction. The… CONTINUE READING

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