Toric Landau–Ginzburg models

  title={Toric Landau–Ginzburg models},
  author={Victor Przyjalkowski},
  journal={Russian Mathematical Surveys},
  pages={1033 - 1118}
  • V. Przyjalkowski
  • Published 24 September 2018
  • Mathematics
  • Russian Mathematical Surveys
This review of the theory of toric Landau–Ginzburg models describes an effective approach to mirror symmetry for Fano varieties. It focuses mainly on the cases of dimensions and , as well as on the case of complete intersections in weighted projective spaces and Grassmannians. Conjectures that relate invariants of Fano varieties and their Landau– Ginzburg models, such as the Katzarkov–Kontsevich–Pantev conjectures, are also studied. Bibliography: 89 titles. 

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