Toric Degenerations of Gr(2, n) and Gr(3, 6) via Plabic Graphs

  title={Toric Degenerations of Gr(2, n) and Gr(3, 6) via Plabic Graphs},
  author={Lara Bossinger and Xin Gui Fang and Ghislain Fourier and Milena Hering and Martina Lanini},
  journal={Annals of Combinatorics},
We establish an explicit bijection between the toric degenerations of the Grassmannian Gr(2, n) arising from maximal cones in tropical Grassmannians and the ones coming from plabic graphs corresponding to Gr(2, n). We show that a similar statement does not hold for Gr(3, 6). 

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