Tor directly controls the Atg1 kinase complex to regulate autophagy.

  title={Tor directly controls the Atg1 kinase complex to regulate autophagy.},
  author={Yoshiaki Kamada and Ken-ichi Yoshino and Chika Kondo and Tomoko Kawamata and Noriko Oshiro and Kazuyoshi Yonezawa and Yoshinori Ohsumi},
  journal={Molecular and cellular biology},
  volume={30 4},
Autophagy is a bulk proteolytic process that is indispensable for cell survival during starvation. Autophagy is induced by nutrient deprivation via inactivation of the rapamycin-sensitive Tor complex1 (TORC1), a protein kinase complex regulating cell growth in response to nutrient conditions. However, the mechanism by which TORC1 controls autophagy and the direct target of TORC1 activity remain unclear. Atg13 is an essential regulatory component of autophagy upstream of the Atg1 kinase complex… CONTINUE READING
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