Topology studies of the chloroplast protein import channel Toc75.

  title={Topology studies of the chloroplast protein import channel Toc75.},
  author={Natalia V. Sveshnikova and Rudi Grimm and J{\"u}rgen Soll and Enrico Schleiff},
  journal={Biological chemistry},
  volume={381 8},
A major goal in understanding protein transport across membranes is the investigation of the structure and regulation of the translocon subunits. We analysed Toc75, a pore-forming subunit of the translocon of the outer envelope of chloroplasts. Toc75 was overexpressed and reconstituted into liposomes. Immunoprecipitation of liposome-reconstituted Toc75 indicates an N(in)-C(in) orientation of Toc75. Limited proteolytic digestion of Toc75 present in outer envelope vesicles with specific proteases… CONTINUE READING
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