Topology and organization of human Rh (rhesus) blood group-related polypeptides.

  title={Topology and organization of human Rh (rhesus) blood group-related polypeptides.},
  author={S A Eyers and Kay Ridgwell and William J. Mawby and Michael J. A. Tanner},
  journal={The Journal of biological chemistry},
  volume={269 9},
The Rh blood group antigens are associated with nonglycosylated human erythrocyte membrane proteins of molecular mass 30 kDa (the Rh30 polypeptides) and a glycoprotein of 40-100 kDa (the Rh glycoprotein). We have studied the topology of this family of proteins in the erythrocyte membrane. We confirmed the predicted cytosolic localization of the C and N termini of the Rh protein family. We located Lys-196 and Arg-323 of the Rh glycoprotein to the cytosol, and Glu-34 to the extracellular side of… CONTINUE READING