Topologies of Identity in Serial Experiments Lain

  title={Topologies of Identity in Serial Experiments Lain},
  author={Craig Jackson},
  pages={191 - 201}
  • C. Jackson
  • Published 25 October 2012
  • Physics
  • Mechademia
La narrativa cinematográfica de Makoto Shinkai: desarrollo de una hipótesis de trabajo
Film director Makoto Shinkai has achieved international recognition during past years, mostly due to his recent movie Kimi no na wa (Your name, 2016). His narrative universe encompasses different


The Shape of Space
SURFACES AND THREE-MANIFOLDS Flatland Gluing Vocabulary Orientability Connected Sums Products Flat Manifolds Orientability vs. Two-Sidedness GEOMETRIES ON SURFACES The Sphere The Hyperbolic Plane
Circles in the sky : finding topology with the microwave background radiation
If the universe is finite and smaller than the distance to the surface of last scatter, then the signature of the topology of the universe is writ large on the microwave background sky. We show that
Serial Experiments Lain, dir. Nakamura Ryutarō, TV series
  • 1998
TV series, 26 episodes (1995–96); translated as Neon Genesis Evangelion: Platinum Collection, 6-DVD box set (Gainax, 2005), Ep
  • (Sickness unto death,
  • 2005
The Shape of Space, 2nd ed
  • 2002
One in particular I find notable is the ability of the Guild Navigators, in Frank Herbert's novel Dune (Philadelphia: Chilton Books, 1965), to "fold space" and therefore "travel without moving
  • see Portal and Portal
  • 2007
Hamazaki Hiroshi)
  • 2003