Topologically massive non-abelian BF models in arbitrary space–time dimensions

  title={Topologically massive non-abelian BF models in arbitrary space–time dimensions},
  author={R. R. Landim and Carlos Alberto Santos Almeida},
  journal={Physics Letters B},

A non-abelian self-dual gauge theory in 5 + 1 dimensions

We construct a non-Abelian gauge theory of chiral 2-forms (self-dual gauge fields) in 6 dimensions with a spatial direction compactified on a circle of radius R. It has the following two properties.

Non-Abelian Chiral 2-Form and M5-Branes

We first review self-dual (chiral) gauge field theories by studying their Lorentz non-covariant and Lorentz covariant formulations. We next construct a non-Abelian self-dual two-form gauge theory in


We study the axial anomaly problem in a non-Abelian topologically massive BF model with fermion coupling. The fermion is coupled to the vector and the tensor gauge fields in a non-minimal way.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The dual phases of massless/massive Kalb-Ramond fields

We have developed the dualization of ordinary and `Stueckelberg compensated' massive phases for Kalb-Ramond fields. The compensated phase allows the study of the interplay between spin jumping and

Dual mapping between the antisymmetric tensor matter field and the Kalb-Ramond field

In this work we present a dual mapping between the Kalb-Ramond and antisymmetric tensor matter (ATM) field actions. Our procedure shows that the correlation functions associated with both the Noether



Non-Abelian topological mass generation in four dimensions

We study the topological mass generation in the 4 dimensional non-Abelian gauge theory, which is the extension of Allen et al.’s work in the Abelian theory. It is crucial to introduce a one form

Nonabelian topological mass mechanism for a three-dimensional 2-form field

Starting from a recently proposed abelian topological model in (2+1) dimensions, we use the method of the consistent deformations to prove that a topologically massive model involving the Kalb-Ramond

Non–Chern-Simons topological mass generation in (2+1) dimensions

A massive BF theory in (3+1) dimensions with a Kalb-Ramond field is dimensionally reduced, giving rise to two different topological terms, one involving a scalar and a Kalb-Ramond field and another

Topological mass generation in 3 + 1 dimensions

The 4-dimensional theory of a 1-form Abelian gauge field A coupled to a 2-form (antisymmetric tensor) potential B is studied. The two gauge invariances of the theory admit a coupling mB ∧ F where F

Superspace gauge-invariant formulation of a massive tridimensional 2-form field

By dimensional reduction of a massive supersymmetric B$\wedge $F theory, a manifestly N=1 supersymmetric completion of a massive antisymmetric tensor gauge theory is constructed in (2+1) dimensions.

Duality of massive gauge invariant theories in arbitrary space-time dimension

We show that dualization of Stueckelberg-like massive gauge theories and $B\wedge F$ models, follows form a general p-dualization of interacting theories in d spacetime dimensions. This is achieved