Topological integrability, classical and quantum chaos, and the theory of dynamical systems in the physics of condensed matter

  title={Topological integrability, classical and quantum chaos, and the theory of dynamical systems in the physics of condensed matter},
  author={A. Ya. Maltsev and Sergei Novikov},
  journal={Russian Mathematical Surveys},
  pages={141 - 173}
This survey is devoted to questions connected with the Novikov problem of describing the geometry of level curves of quasi-periodic functions on the plane with different numbers of quasi-periods. Considered here are the history of the question, the current state of research in this field, and a number of applications of this problem to various physical problems. The main focus is on applications of results obtained in this area to the theory of transport phenomena in electron systems… 
Distinctive Features of Oscillatory Phenomena in Reconstructions of the Topological Structure of Electron Trajectories on Complex Fermi Surfaces
  • A. Maltsev
  • Physics
    Journal of Experimental and Theoretical Physics
  • 2021
We consider the behavior of classical and quantum oscillations in metals with complex Fermi surfaces near the directions of $\, {\bf B} \, $ corresponding to changes in the topological structure of
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