Topological entanglement entropy of Z 2 spin liquids and lattice Laughlin states

  title={Topological entanglement entropy of Z 2 spin liquids and lattice Laughlin states},
  author={Yi Zhang and Tarun Grover and Ashvin Vishwanath},
  journal={Physical Review B},
We study entanglement properties of candidate wave functions for SU(2) symmetric gapped spin liquids and Laughlin states. These wave functions are obtained by the Gutzwiller projection technique. Using topological entanglement entropy $\ensuremath{\gamma}$ as a tool, we establish topological order in chiral spin liquid and ${\mathbb{Z}}_{2}$ spin liquid wave functions, as well as a lattice version of the Laughlin state. Our results agree very well with the field theoretic result $\ensuremath… 

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