Topological darkness in self-assembled plasmonic metamaterials.

  title={Topological darkness in self-assembled plasmonic metamaterials.},
  author={Ludivine Malassis and Pascal Mass{\'e} and Mona Tr{\'e}guer-Delapierre and St{\'e}phane Mornet and Patrick Weisbecker and Philippe Barois and Constantin R. Simovski and Vasyl G. Kravets and Alexander N Grigorenko},
  journal={Advanced materials},
  volume={26 2},
Self-assembled plasmonic metamaterials are fabricated from silver nanoparticles covered with a silica shell. These metamaterials demonstrate topological darkness or selective suppression of reflection connected to global properties of the Fresnel coefficients. The optical properties of the studied structures are in good agreement with effective medium theory. The results suggest a practical way of achieving high phase sensitivity in plasmonic metamaterials.