Topological Kondo insulators.

  title={Topological Kondo insulators.},
  author={Maxim Dzero and Kai Sun and Victor M. Galitski and Piers Coleman},
  journal={Physical review letters},
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Kondo insulators are a particularly simple type of heavy electron material, where a filled band of heavy quasiparticles gives rise to a narrow band insulator. Starting with the Anderson lattice Hamiltonian, we develop a topological classification of emergent band structures for Kondo insulators and show that these materials may host three-dimensional topological insulating phases. We propose a general and practical prescription of calculating the Z(2) topological indices for various lattice… 

Kramers doublet ground state in topological Kondo insulators

We consider the simplest variant of a Kondo insulator where a doublet of localized $f$-electrons hybridizes with spin-degenerate conduction electrons. We analyse the symmetries of $f$-orbitals

Fractionalized Fermi liquid on the surface of a topological Kondo insulator

We argue that topological Kondo insulators can also have ‘intrinsic’ topological order associated with fractionalized excitations on their surfaces. The hydridization between the local moments and

Topological aspect of Kondo insulator

The experimental observations of the in-gap state by various measurements on a Kondo insulator provide a special and interesting character on the insulator. We show that the system is classified into

Inexorable edge Kondo breakdown in topological Kondo insulators

Kondo breakdown is one of the most intriguing problems in strongly correlated electron systems, as it is rooted in many anomalous electron behaviors found in heavy-fermion materials. In Kondo lattice

Dirac-Kondo semimetals and topological Kondo insulators in the dilute carrier limit

Heavy fermion systems contain not only strong electron correlations, which promote a rich set of quantum phases, but also a large spin-orbit coupling, which tends to endow the electronic states a

Correlation effects in two-dimensional topological insulators

This article reviews progress on the topic of electronic correlation effects in the two-dimensional case, with a focus on systems with intrinsic spin-orbit coupling and numerical results.

Simplified Topological Invariants for Interacting Insulators

We propose general topological order parameters for interacting insulators in terms of the Green’s function at zero frequency. They provide a unified description of various interacting topological

Topology and magnetism in the Kondo insulator phase diagram

Topological Kondo insulators are a rare example of an interaction-enabled topological phase of matter in three-dimensional crystals - making them an intriguing but also hard case for theoretical

Kondo , Kondo , everywhere , but what is going on in the bulk : Kondo insulators and strong correlations

A class of materials has been found where quasiparticle excitations have an enormous effective mass, known as heavy fermion materials. Examples of such materials are Kondo insulators, in which this



Theory of topological Kondo insulators

We examine how the properties of the Kondo insulators change when the symmetry of the underlying crystal field multiplets is taken into account. We employ the Anderson lattice model and consider its

Phase diagram for a topological Kondo insulating system

The discovery of topological insulators in non-interacting electron systems has motivated the community to search such topological states of matter in correlated electrons both theoretically and

Heavy fermion semiconductors

The heavy fermion semiconductors, or Kondo insulators, are very narrow gap semiconductors in which the properties show unusual temperature dependencies. We shall review their properties and show how

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Topological insulators are new states of quantum matter which cannot be adiabatically connected to conventional insulators and semiconductors. They are characterized by a full insulating gap in the

Gap-anisotropic model for the narrow-Gap kondo insulators

A theory is presented which accounts for the dynamical generation of a hybridization gap with nodes in the Kondo insulating materials CeNiSn and CeRhSb. We show that Hund's interactions acting on

The birth of topological insulators

Certain insulators have exotic metallic states on their surfaces that render the electrons travelling on such surfaces insensitive to scattering by impurities, possibly finding uses in technological applications in spintronics and quantum computing.

Topological insulators in three dimensions.

A tight binding model is introduced which realizes the WTI and STI phases, and its relevance to real materials, including bismuth is discussed.

Kondo bosons and the Kondo lattice: Microscopic basis for the heavy Fermi liquid.

A consistent Fermi-liquid theory of heavy-electron compounds at low temperatures is microscopically derived from the Kondo-lattice model by exploiting fluctuations of effective valence-conduction hybridization parameters.

The ground-state phase diagram of the one-dimensional Kondo lattice model

The periodic Anderson and Kondo lattice model describe the physics of conduction electrons in extended orbitals interacting with strongly correlated electrons in localized orbitals. These models are