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Topological Hochschild homology of truncated Brown-Peterson spectra I

  title={Topological Hochschild homology of truncated Brown-Peterson spectra I},
  author={Gabe Angelini-Knoll and Dominic Leon Culver and Eva Honing},
We compute topological Hochschild homology of sufficiently structured forms of truncated Brown–Peterson spectra with coefficients. In particular, we compute THH∗(taf ;M) for M ∈ {HZ(3), k(1), k(2)} where taf D is the E∞ form of BP 〈2〉 constructed by Hill–Lawson. We compute THH∗(tmf1(3);M) when M ∈ {HZ(2), k(2)} where tmf1(3) is the E∞ form of BP 〈2〉 constructed by Lawson– Naumann. We also compute THH∗(B〈n〉;M) for M = HZ(p) and certain E3 forms B〈n〉 of BP 〈n〉. For example at p = 2, this result… 
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