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Topological 4-manifolds with 4-dimensional fundamental group

  title={Topological 4-manifolds with 4-dimensional fundamental group},
  author={Daniel Kasprowski and Markus Land},
  journal={arXiv: Geometric Topology},
Let $\pi$ be a group satisfying the Farrell-Jones conjecture and assume that $B\pi$ is a 4-dimensional Poincare duality space. We consider closed, topological, almost spin manifolds with fundamental group $\pi$ whose canonical map to $B\pi$ has degree 1 and show that two such manifolds are s-cobordant if and only if their equivariant intersection forms are isometric. If $\pi$ is good in the sense of Freedman, it follows that two such manifolds are homeomorphic if and only if they are homotopy… Expand