Topography of low skin resistance points (LSRP) in rats.

  title={Topography of low skin resistance points (LSRP) in rats.},
  author={Shwu-Fen Chiou and C K Chao and Y W Yang},
  journal={The American journal of Chinese medicine},
  volume={26 1},
Based on the electrical properties of the skin, a method employing the unijunction transistor (UJT) relaxation oscillator for detecting low skin resistance points (LSRP) was developed in this study. By means of this instrumentation, the topography of the LSRP in Wistar rats was developed. All the LSRP in the rats were found to be bilaterally and symmetrically distributed except those points located on the dorsal midline (i.e., governor vessel, GV) and the ventral midline (i.e., conception… CONTINUE READING