Topography, energy and the global distribution of bird species richness.

  title={Topography, energy and the global distribution of bird species richness.},
  author={Richard G. Davies and C. David L. Orme and David Storch and Val{\'e}rie A. Olson and Gavin H. Thomas and Simon G Ross and Tzung-Su Ding and Pamela C. Rasmussen and Peter M. Bennett and Ian P. F. Owens and Tim M Blackburn and Kevin J. Gaston},
  journal={Proceedings. Biological sciences},
  volume={274 1614},
A major goal of ecology is to determine the causes of the latitudinal gradient in global distribution of species richness. Current evidence points to either energy availability or habitat heterogeneity as the most likely environmental drivers in terrestrial systems, but their relative importance is controversial in the absence of analyses of global (rather than continental or regional) extent. Here we use data on the global distribution of extant continental and continental island bird species… CONTINUE READING