Topochemische Untersuchungen des Glykosaminoglykanstoffwechsels der Rinderhornhaut

  title={Topochemische Untersuchungen des Glykosaminoglykanstoffwechsels der Rinderhornhaut},
  author={Heinrich Bleckmann and Josef Wollensak},
  journal={Albrecht von Graefes Archiv f{\"u}r klinische und experimentelle Ophthalmologie},
Topochemical studies on the content of glycosaminoglycans of bovine cornea, keratansulfate-chondroitinsulfate-ratio and the incorporation of radioactive sulfate in different sections gave the following results: 1. In circular dissections the highest concentration of glycosaminoglycans was found in the central part. Becoming less in the middle area, the lowest concentration — some 70% of the central amount — was estimated at the periphery. As regards the procentual distribution of keratansulfate… CONTINUE READING