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Topics on chaotic systems : selected papers from CHAOS 2008 International Conference, Chania, Crete, Greece, 3-6 June 2008

  title={Topics on chaotic systems : selected papers from CHAOS 2008 International Conference, Chania, Crete, Greece, 3-6 June 2008},
  author={C. Skiadas and Ioannis Dimotikalis},
Chaos and Dynamical Systems Nonlinear Systems Fractals Chaotic Attractors Mechanics Hydrofluid Dynamics Chaotic Advection Chaos in Meteorology and Cosmology Bifurcation Hamiltonian and Quantum Chaos Plasma Physics Chaos in Biology and Genetics Chaos in Medicine and Physiology Chaotic Control Time Series Analysis and Forecasting Chaotic Systems Chaos in Economy and Markets Traffic Flow Chaotic Simulations. 
Quantum dynamics against a noisy background
By the example of a kicked quartic oscillator we investigate the dynamics of classically chaotic quantum systems with few degrees of freedom affected by persistent external noise. Stability andExpand
Scale-Dependent Turbulent Dynamics and Phase-Space Behavior of the Stable Atmospheric Boundary Layer
The structure of turbulent dynamics in a stable atmospheric boundary layer was studied by means of a phase-space description. Data from the CASES-99 experiment, decomposed in local modes (withExpand
Recurrent Anholonomy in Curved Space Navigation Solved by the Riemann Zeta Function
Abstract Navigation on curved surfaces has to handle additional nontrivial nonlinear geometric signals from (an)holonomy. Things may be even worse since propulsion recurrently couples back to theExpand
Using Genetic Programming in Nonlinear Model Identification
This paper describes the basic principles of genetic programming and how it is used for data based identification of nonlinear mathematical models, and summarizes projects in which GP has successfully applied in RD. Expand
Bifurcation control of subsynchronous resonance using TCSC
Abstract This paper presents the use of Thyristor-Controlled Series Capacitor (TCSC) to control bifurcations of subsynchronous resonance (SSR) in multimachine power system. The modified second systemExpand
A growth-cycle model of Solow–Swan type, I
We construct an endogenous growth-cycle model of the Solow-Swan type. The equilibrium point of the growth-cycle model is the same as the steady state of the Solow-Swan growth model. Unlike in theExpand
Parameter identification of 1D fractal interpolation functions using bounding volumes
Two new methods to identify the vertical scaling factors of Fractal interpolation functions are presented and outperform existing methods for both low and high compression ratios. Expand
Influence of an External DC Electric Current on Plasma Cleaning Rate: an Application on the Enlarged Plasma-Surface Theory
During the last decades many researchers have been occupied with other plasma applications apart from the big challenge which the thermonuclear fusion poses. Many experiments have been carried out onExpand
Reducing the bias of causality measures.
The corrected measures, and particularly the suggested corrected transfer entropy, turn out to stabilize at the zero level in the absence of a causal effect and detect correctly the direction of information flow when it is present. Expand
Development of a real time monitor and multivariate method for long term diagnostics of atmospheric pressure dielectric barrier discharges: application to He, He/N2, and He/O2 discharges.
The results of these studies show that the electrical and optical parameters of the discharge in helium and upon the addition of gas admixtures evolve over time scales far longer than the gas residence time and have been compared to current modelling works. Expand