Topics on Fermi varieties of discrete periodic Schrödinger operators

  title={Topics on Fermi varieties of discrete periodic Schr{\"o}dinger operators},
  author={Wencai Liu},
  journal={Journal of Mathematical Physics},
  • Wencai Liu
  • Published 1 November 2021
  • Mathematics
  • Journal of Mathematical Physics
This is a survey of recent progress on the irreducibility of Fermi varieties, rigidity results and embedded eigenvalue problems of discrete periodic Schrödinger operators. 

Irreducibility of the Bloch Variety for Finite-Range Schrödinger Operators

Algebraic Properties of the Fermi Variety for Periodic Graph Operators

It is shown how the abstract bound implies irreducibility in many lattices of interest, including examples with more than one vertex in the fundamental cell such as the Lieb lattice as well as certain models obtained by the process of graph decoration.

Analytic and algebraic properties of dispersion relations (Bloch varieties) and Fermi surfaces. What is known and unknown

The article surveys the known results and conjectures about the analytic properties of dispersion relations and Fermi surfaces for periodic equations of mathematical physics and their spectral

Irreducibility of the Dispersion Relation for Periodic Graphs

Recent work of Liu investigated the irreducibility of Fermi varieties for the Grid graph, and work of Fillman, Liu and Matos investigated the irreducibility of Bloch varieties for a wide class of

Bloch varieties and quantum ergodicity for periodic graph operators

. For periodic graph operators, we establish criteria to determine the overlaps of spectral band functions based on Bloch varieties. One criterion states that for a large family of periodic graph

Fermi isospectrality for discrete periodic Schrodinger operators

. Let Γ = q 1 Z ⊕ q 2 Z ⊕· · ·⊕ q d Z , where q l ∈ Z + , l = 1 , 2 , · · · , d . Let ∆+ V be the discrete Schr¨odinger operator, where ∆ is the discrete Laplacian on Z d and the potential V : Z d →

Irreducibility of the Fermi variety for discrete periodic Schrödinger operators and embedded eigenvalues

  • Wencai Liu
  • Mathematics
    Geometric and Functional Analysis
  • 2022
Let $$H_0$$ H 0 be a discrete periodic Schrödinger operator on $$\ell ^2(\mathbb {Z}^d)$$ ℓ 2 ( Z d ) : $$\begin{aligned} H_0=-\Delta +V, \end{aligned}$$ H 0 = - Δ + V , where $$\Delta $$ Δ is the

Fermi Isospectrality of Discrete Periodic Schrödinger Operators with Separable Potentials on $$\mathbb {Z}^2$$ Z 2

  • Wencai Liu
  • Mathematics
    Communications in Mathematical Physics
  • 2022
Given two coprime numbers $$q_1$$ q 1 and $$q_2$$ q 2 , let $$\Gamma =q_1\mathbb {Z}\oplus q_2 \mathbb {Z} $$ Γ = q 1 Z ⊕ q 2 Z . Let $$\Delta +X$$ Δ + X be the discrete periodic Schrödinger operator

Floquet isospectrality for periodic graph operators

Let $\Gamma=q_1\mathbb{Z}\oplus q_2 \mathbb{Z}\oplus\cdots\oplus q_d\mathbb{Z}$ with arbitrary positive integers $q_l$, $l=1,2,\cdots,d$. Let $\Delta_{\rm discrete}+V$ be the discrete Schr\"odinger

Irreducibility of the Fermi variety for discrete periodic Schrödinger operators and embedded eigenvalues

  • Wencai Liu
  • Materials Science
    Geometric and Functional Analysis
  • 2022
Let H0\documentclass[12pt]{minimal} \usepackage{amsmath} \usepackage{wasysym} \usepackage{amsfonts} \usepackage{amssymb} \usepackage{amsbsy} \usepackage{mathrsfs} \usepackage{upgreek}

A Rellich type theorem for discrete Schrödinger operators

An analogue of Rellich's theorem is proved for discrete Laplacians on square lattices, and applied to show unique continuation properties on certain domains as well as non-existence of embedded

Irreducibility of the Bloch Variety for Finite-Range Schrödinger Operators

On isospectral periodic potentials on a discrete lattice I

On considere une version discretisee et generalisee de l'equation de Schrodinger et on etudie le probleme aux valeurs propres

Inverse spectral problem for the Schrödinger equation with periodic vector potential

For the Schrödinger operator with periodic magnetic (vector) and electric (scalar) potentials a new system of spectral invariants is found. These invariants are enough to prove the rigidity of

Periodic and limit-periodic discrete Schrödinger operators

The theory of discrete periodic and limit-periodic Schr\"odinger operators is developed. In particular, the Floquet--Bloch decomposition is discussed. Furthermore, it is shown that an arbitrarily

Examples of fourth-order scattering-type operators with embedded eigenvalues in their continuous spectra

We give examples of fourth-order scattering-type operators, acting on L2(R), which have eigenvalues embedded in their continuous spectra.

Discrete Bethe–Sommerfeld Conjecture

In this paper, we prove a discrete version of the Bethe–Sommerfeld conjecture. Namely, we show that the spectra of multi-dimensional discrete periodic Schrödinger operators on $${\mathbb{Z}^d}$$Zd

An overview of periodic elliptic operators

The article surveys the main techniques and results of the spectral theory of periodic operators arising in mathematical physics and other areas. Close attention is paid to studying analytic

Embedded eigenvalues for perturbed periodic Jacobi operators using a geometric approach

ABSTRACT We consider the problem of embedding eigenvalues into the essential spectrum of periodic Jacobi operators, using an oscillating, decreasing potential. To do this we employ a geometric