Topics in biometric human-machine interaction security


IEEE POTENTIALS 0278-6648/13/$31.00©2013IEEE Biometrics is the science and technology of measuring and statistically analyzing biological data. As applied to computing and humanmachine interaction (HMI), biometric applications deal with recognizing the individual or deciphering the individual’s conversation (e.g., in the form of voice commands or gestures) or collecting and analyzing data regarding the individual’s health and emotional status.These applications inherently deal with personally identifiable information (PII), which ultimately has to be stored somewhere, retrieved at some point of time, processed, and probably stored again, perhaps over a wireless channel. Typically these actions are done by software applications while relying on underlying hardware to provide secure storage mechanisms or hardware acceleration. Therefore, it is of paramount importance to incorporate security patterns while developing applications that deal with PII since the implications of a compromise of a biometric identifier may be severe for the application provider and perhaps even more so for the end user. For example, it is possible to replace a compromised credit card number or a Social Security number (SSN), but how does one replace a fingerprint or retina by practical means? This and many other issues need to be considered while designing applications that deal with PII like biometrics or gestures. In this article, we explore recent trends in biometric applications and seek to highlight important security patterns that can be incorporated while developing applications that deal with gesture recognition and/or biometrics. Further, we point to outstanding challenges and issues that must be resolved as these authentication systems and other use cases become ubiquitous. Recent applications and trends Biometrics is becoming widely accepted in various authentication systems such as biometric passports, biometric ATM machines, and authorization systems (e.g.,

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