Topical formic acid puncture technique for the treatment of common warts

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Formic Acid Matricectomy in The Treatment of Ingrowning Toenails

Due to formic acid matricectomy has severe postoperative infection and delaying postoperative healing time,other matricsectomy modalities should be preferred.

Treatment of common recalcitrant warts with topical formic acid

Ninety-two percent of patients who were treated with formic acid showed complete disappearance of warts after 3–4 weeks of treatment, compared to 6% in the placebo group.

Treatment of Warts with Topical Formic Acid

This study proves that 85% formic acid is a safe, economic & effective modality in the treatment of common warts, and an economic method with no sophisticated equipment requirements.

Deep Full Thickness Burn to a Finger from a Topical Wart Treatment.

A patient developed a burn over her proximal interphalangeal joint of her finger, secondary to inappropriate application of an anti-wart treatment, and the resultant defect was reconstructed using a subcutaneous flap from the adjacent finger (a reverse cross finger flap).

Treatment of warts and molluscum: what does the evidence show?

Strong, high-quality evidence for treatments used very frequently for warts or molluscum is still lacking, but recent publications have helped to strengthen or weaken belief in commonly used therapies and to add weight to the immunological approach to management.

Topical Treatment Options for Extragenital Verrucae

Local treatment methods of verrucae, benign proliferations seen in skin and mucosae due to infection with papillomaviruses, are discussed in this paper.

Efficacy of 10% silver nitrate solution in the treatment of common warts: a placebo‐controlled, randomized, clinical trial

The aim of this placebo‐controlled clinical trial was to evaluate the clinical efficacy, tolerability, and safety of 10% silver nitrate solution for the treatment of common warts.

Third degree formic acid chemical burn in the treatment of a hand wart: a case report and review of the literature

Topical treatments used for wart removal are not without risk even if some products are sold without prescription and enhanced warning by the pharmacist about the risks involved is recommended.

An armamentarium of wart treatments.

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The purpose of this review is to provide a comprehensive overview of the wart treatment literature to expand awareness of the options available to practitioners faced with patients presenting with problematic warts.



Clinical Evaluation of an After‐Pediculicide Nit Removal System

Use of a nit removal system incorporating a creme rinse containing formic acid that loosens' the bond between the nit and hair greatly facilitates nit removal.

Regression of plane warts following spontaneous inflammation

The clinical and histopathological features in ten cases of spontaneously involuting plane warts are described and it is suggested that the development of cell mediated immunity may be responsible for spontaneous involution of warts.

Pattern of skin diseases in Kashmir region of India.

The pattern of skin diseases encountered in Kashmir region of India is recorded, where the incidence of the noninfectious dermatoses almost approximates that of infectious dermatoses in this Valley.

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Cimetidine therapy for multiple viral warts in children.

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