Topical delivery of plasmid DNA using biphasic lipid vesicles (Biphasix).

  title={Topical delivery of plasmid DNA using biphasic lipid vesicles (Biphasix).},
  author={Shawn L Babiuk and Maria E. Baca-Estrada and Reno A Pontarollo and Marianna Foldvari},
  journal={The Journal of pharmacy and pharmacology},
  volume={54 12},
The development of non-invasive methods for the delivery of vaccines through the skin will greatly improve the safety and the administration of human and veterinary vaccines. In this study we examined the efficiency of topical delivery of plasmids by assessing the localization of gene expression using luciferase as a reporter gene and induction of immune responses using a plasmid encoding for the bovine herpesvirus type-1 glycoprotein D (pgD). Topical administration of plasmids in a lipid-based… CONTINUE READING
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