Topical delivery of aqueous micellar resolvin E1 analog (RX-10045).

  title={Topical delivery of aqueous micellar resolvin E1 analog (RX-10045).},
  author={Kishore Cholkar and Brian Gilger and Ashim K Mitra},
  journal={International journal of pharmaceutics},
  volume={498 1-2},
PURPOSE The primary objective of this study were to optimize aqueous micellar solution of isopropyl ester prodrug of resolvin (RX-10045), study in vivo ocular compatibility and tissue distribution following topical administration. METHODS An optimized ratio of hydrogenated castor-oil and octoxynol-40 (1.0:0.05 wt%) was prepared to entrap RX-10045 in the hydrophobic core of micelles. RX-10045 aqueous micelles were subjected to characterization. In vitro stability studies were performed at 4 °C… CONTINUE READING


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326–334 dexamethasone in rabbit ocular matrices by liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry

  • K. Cholkar
  • Journal of Pharmaceutics
  • 2016

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