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Topical antiinflammatory composition containing piroxicam

  title={Topical antiinflammatory composition containing piroxicam},
  author={Luc Bossuyt and C. Shin and テック シン チャング and ボスイト ルック},
PURPOSE: To obtain an antiinflammatory gel composition containing piroxicam. CONSTITUTION: This antiinflammatory composition contains an antiinflammatory effective amount of piroxicam tetrahydroxypropylethylenediamine in an amount enough to solubilize piroxicam in the composition, a 2-6C alkylene glycol in an amount enough to reduce viscosity and to provide wettability, 0.2-2% of a carbomer, 30-60% of a 2-4C alkanol and water in an amount to make the whole amount 100%. The composition may be… Expand