Topical N-acetylcysteine treatment in neonatal ichthyosis.

  title={Topical N-acetylcysteine treatment in neonatal ichthyosis.},
  author={Serdar Umit Sarici and Murat Sahin and Murat Yurdak{\"o}k},
  journal={The Turkish journal of pediatrics},
  volume={45 3},
Unpredictable trancutaneous absorption of topically administered drugs and potential teratogenicity and toxicity of systemic drugs would make it mandatory to innovate more efficacious and less toxic drugs for the treatment of ichthyosis, which is not a fully curable disease in the neonatal period. In this article the clinical efficacy of 10% N-acetylcysteine emulsion in the topical treatment of congenital ichthyosis in a newborn was assessed, comparing simultaneously with 4% urea emulsion… CONTINUE READING